Please note that a special in-district is being held next Wednesday, April 24, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Parklake Village Homeowners Association Clubhouse, 19818 Almond Park, Katy, TX. The purpose of this meeting is to gain input from the residents in NCMUD regarding improvements to the Greenbelt Park including a pavilion and playground amenity enhancements. Please plan to attend and provide your thoughts on the proposed facilities as well as proposals for additional work.

Nottingham Agenda 04-24-24

Nottingham Country Municipal Utility District (NCMUD) contains approximately 1,010 acres and serves 2,194 houses located in 27 subdivision sections and 28 commercial and institutional accounts including Pattison Elementary School, two churches, and one apartment complex.  See the District Map on this web site.

The NCMUD Board of Directors is committed to maintaining and operating its water and wastewater facilities in compliance with State and Federal law, but also to maintain high levels of service to its customers and taxpayers in order to maintain the values of their homes and communities.

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For New water and sewer service; disconnect service; repair service and billing questions contact

Si Environmental, LLC (“Si Enviro”)
832-490-1600 (Local) or 877-382-7414 (Toll free)
24 Hour Repair Line: 832-490-1601

6420 Reading Road
Rosenberg, TX 77471
Email (non emergency):


In order to ensure that the Greenbelt Park facilities remain a safe and enjoyable amenity for all residents in the community, the District’s Board of Directors has adopted Park Rules. This is a friendly reminder that according to our Park Rules (located on the Park Information page), no unauthorized motor vehicles are allowed within the park. This means no electric vehicles of any type including golf carts; scooters, skateboards; or hover boards. The only two exceptions are motorized wheelchairs used by handicapped individuals in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and electric bicycles. This rule is for the safety of all pedestrians and bikers using the park and its trails. Any violator of any park rule may be subject to fines up to $5,000.

Are you planning to construct or install a swimming pool?

Before you commence the construction or installation of a swimming pool within the District’s boundaries, you must complete a Residential Pool Permit Application (the “Pool Permit Application”), which may be found by clicking here. Please submit the completed form via email to the District’s operator, Si Environmental, LLC, at with your account number in the subject line. After the notification is received, a representative from the District’s operator will contact you to schedule the necessary inspection and answer any questions related to the District’s standards for pool installations.

The District’s operator will ensure that all drains and backwash from the swimming pool are installed and connected to the District’s sanitary sewer system as it relates to swimming pools and that the proper backflow prevention devices required by the District are installed. After the drains have been installed, you must notify the District’s operator, who will make an inspection of all swimming pool drains to verify that the proper connection is made, before service is authorized for said swimming pool. The current inspection fee charged to the person installing the swimming pool is currently $50.00.

NTHM Pool Permit Application

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