Drought Contingency Plan

The purpose of this Drought Contingency Plan (the “Plan”) is to provide for drought contingency measures for Nottingham Country Municipal Utility District as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”). Such contingency measures may be needed during drought conditions, when water production or distribution systems reach capacity or are otherwise limited, including outages due to system failure or damage, or when water supply sources are contaminated. Pursuant to 30 Texas Administrative Code Section 288.30, Nottingham Country Municipal Utility District, as a provider of water service, qualifies as a “retail public water supplier,” and is thus required to maintain a drought contingency plan.

The Plan, as linked below, contains certain minimum elements as set forth in 30 Texas Administrative Code Section 288.20, including, but not limited to, defined stages of drought, drought response measures (e.g., mandatory and voluntary curtailment of certain water uses, and surcharges for excessive water use), and procedures for the enforcement of any mandatory water use restrictions, including specification of penalties for any violations of the Plan.

Amended and Restated Drought Contingency Plan 03-18-2024